Better races by design

September 4, 2014 / Press Release 

Run Mfg is the creative and production studio behind some of the country’s most innovative running events – Rocky Run in Philadelphia and the Ditka Dash in Chicago, for example. Run Mfg was formerly known as Cerulean Sports Group, Inc. and underwent a total rebrand, launching a new identity, website, and opening a new studio where they orchestrate several annual race events in addition to those they’ve created in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Austin.

Husband and wife Founders Nate Barnhart and Elaine Lau have set out to break the industry mold. Many races are planned with formulaic, inside-the-box thinking, whereas each Run Mfg event is strategically created to be one-of-a-kind, boasting a brand and personality all its own.

Fervent believers in the power of good design, the creative thought Run Mfg pours into their races extends through every detail – from story-driven routes and maps to the finisher’s medals, one can easily recognize their signature product.

Run Mfg has created and is currently producing several running events around the country, including:

  • Rocky Run, Philadelphia, PA
  • Chicago 10K, Chicago, IL
  • Cleveland Browns 5K, Cleveland, OH
  • Motor City Half Marathon, Detroit, MI
  • New York City 10K, New York, NY
  • Honolulu Women's Half Marathon, Honolulu, HI
  • Austin 10K, Austin, TX
  • Ditka Dash, Chicago, IL